IMVU Money Cheats

Hello IMVU players here are some awesome IMVU Money Cheats that you can use while playing the game. Just as the page title is called, these cheats will help you get free money. Some of the codes are better than others, meaning you can get more money; however, we recommend using all of them to get as much free money as you can in the game.

We all love to get free money no matter if we are playing in the virtual world IMVU game or we are in the real world. Rarely, will we ever pass up free money so why would you pass up this opportunity to use these working IMVU money cheats.

As we always mention, we can’t guarantee that all of these cheats will work because they were added from other players like yourself. However, we do know that they have worked in the past so there is still a good chance they will work for you. We hope yo enjoy using these and remember, if you have any money cheats, please contact us so we can add those to this page.

IMVU Money Cheats That Work


  1. Trying entering the word “money” to get 100,000 of free money. We just tried this cheat so it should work for you. If it doesn’t please let us know so we can update it for our visitors.
  2.  This next cheat won’t give you as many credits; however, we still encourage you to use it. Type in “givemethemoney” to get in additional 1,000 credits.imvu money cheats

We hope you enjoy playing IMVU as much as we do. Remember, to stop on back to check for updated IMVU cheats that we get every week.