How To Have a Baby On IMVU

Learning how to have a baby on IMVU is not that hard once you know the proper steps to take. We have been getting many questions asking how to have a baby so we have made this page to help out all of our visitors. IMVU does allow you to have a baby; however, we recommend you to be married in the game before you get pregnant. You don’t want to be taking care of a baby by yourself while you are playing do you?

To have a baby on IMVU you first need to log into your account and click on the shop button on the page to view all the shopping items in the catalog. On the right side of the page near the catalog you should see a search box. Click into the search box and type in the word “pregnant” and hit enter. You should see multiple pregnant options that you can purchase from the early on stages to late stages of pregnancy. The later you are the bigger the belly will be and the closer the time you will have a baby on IMVU.

Notice, you will not be able to actually give birth to a baby on IMVU but rather make it appear that you are pregnant by purchasing these different items from the catalog. After you find the perfect pregnant belly for you, you can now shop for clothes that will fit. IMVU won’t let you purchase some clothes because they won’t fit around the belly. Well there you have it. You have learned how to have a baby on IMVU. Good luck with your baby and let us know how the new adventure is going by leaving a comment below.

Babies On IMVU Catalog

how to have a baby on imvuNow, you can actually purchase a baby through the catelog as well. We recommend you first play the game while appearing as if you are pregnant for awhile. This will generate interest and conversation among you and your IMVU friends. After playing the game for some time, go to the IMVU catalog again and purchase a baby. The new baby will show up in your inventory just like any other item. When you are searching for babies in the catalog just type in “babies” in the search box and IMVU will put up a bunch for you to choose from.

If you have any questions regarding on how to have a baby please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and we will try to respond as soon as we can. It helps if you have IMVU credits so you can purchase the necessary items right from the catalog.