HOw To Get a Boyfriend On IMVU

It seems like everyone wants to learn how to get a boyfriend on IMVU but no one really has the answer. Lucky for you though after playing the game for a long time we have found the answer or the best way to get a boyfriend.

IMVU is a fascinating game where people of all ages come together and play on a virtual world. The great thing about this game, is that you can truly be anyone you want. You can be a girl, a guy, popular or not, play sports or be more into music, etc.

No matter what though, most everyone on the game eventually wants to have a special someone to hangout with and possibly call them their boy or girlfriend. The great thing about playing IMVU is that you can make yourself a great candidate for getting a guy to like your right away.

What do I mean, well lets find out with this step by step guide on how to get a boyfriend on IMVU. If you have any other suggestions to add please share them with us.

How To Get a Boyfriend On IMVU

Getting a boyfriend may be easier than most people think as long as you are doing the right things while playing the game. It’s definitely most people’s goal on IMVU to eventually find someone they can call their boyfriend, but how exactly does that happen.

1. Play IMVU Being Single

To get a boyfriend on IMVU the first thing you want to do is play the game as a single woman or girl. This will allow you to explore the best features that the game has to offer before focusing on other players. Play the game, meet friends, buy nice clothes, get a house, buy furniture, etc. Just as you would in real life, you wouldn’t just go find a guy when you don’t have anything to offer would you? Wouldn’t you be a much better candidate if you had a place to live, had stuff that you owned and dressed nice? Well, that should be the same mentality while you play IMVU. Take your time to build your own wealth and then approach a good looking guy.

2. Wear Sexy Clothes

Number 2 on the list to get a boyfriend on IMVU is to wear attractive clothes. It is sad to think but yes, wearing sexy clothes will definitely help you get a boyfriend on IMVU. That’s why we say take your time playing the game by yourself to buy special things that will attract people to you. Take a trip to the IMVU catalog and purchase clothes for your avatar to wear. You may want to buy clothes that show some skin as many guys on IMVU are attracted to it. That means, shop for shirts that come down a little further on your chest, and some skirts that show your legs. Nothing turns on a guy more than seeing a beautiful girl with great skin.

how to get a boyfriend on imvu

3. Flirt Naturally

The third thing you need to do to get a boyfriend on IMVU is flirt. Flirting is another way to attract men to you. If you can flirt naturally then you are already ahead of the game. Just like in real life, a woman’s personality can go a long ways. A woman can be very attractive; however, if they don’t have a personality it can end all possibilities of hanging out with a man in the future. Being able to flirt with a guy requires confidence in which a guy loves. If you can flirt with a guy and make him feel good then you have it made. Before you approach someone that you are attracted to you should try flirting with other people for practice. This will ensure that you are ready when it matters. This is one of the biggest pieces to the puzzle on how to get a boyfriend on IMVU.

Ready To Get a Boyfriend

Now you are ready to approach the man of your dreams. At this point, you should have a nice house that you live in, have nice furniture at your place encase you want to bring back a guy to your place, be wearing sexy clothes to attract the guy, and be ready to flirt with the man in front of you. This next step is crucial to getting the man to like you. Don’t be to froward with him, just relax and have a fun conversation with him. If he sticks around to talk with you then you know he is in to you. The next thing is to ask him if he would like to either go on a date with you or come back to your place with you. Once you bring him back to your place he will be surprised at the house and furniture you have in it. At this point, the guy is falling for you hard and now you have him right where you want him. At this point, it’s up to you what you want to do next. Good luck and I hope this help you answer the question on how to get a boyfriend on IMVU. This same strategy has helped some of our team members find boyfriends so we know it works.

If you have some other suggestions on how to get a boyfriend on IMVU please share them with us. We would love to add them to this page to help other IMVU players out. If you are looking to get pragnent with your boyfriend check out our How To Have a Baby On IMVU blog post.