How To Earn Credits On IMVU

Learning how to earn credits on IMVU can be fun yet frustrating at times. Without a bunch of credits, this game can go from fun to boring very quickly so it’s no wonder that we get a ton of requests to show people the easiest ways to get them. There are actually multiple ways on how to earn credits and you will realize just how easy it is to get them after you have read this article.

Simply follow these steps to learn how to earn credits on IMVU. The first option you have to earn credits on IMVU is to watch videos. That’s right, just by watching videos you can get 10+ credits. Some videos are longer than others so depending on the length of the video will depend on how many credits you actually receive. The second option you have is to complete offers. For each offer you complete you will be rewarded by credits. Just like the videos, offers pay out different amounts of credits. Keep your eye on the offers that don’t require to much from you but give you be rewards!

earn credits on imvu

Another way to earn credits on IMVU is login on a daily basis. If you keep logging into 3D chat everyday you could see an additional 500 credits! How awesome is that? Even if you don’t want to play the game for very long, just login to 3D chat say hi and log out, that’s it. A 4th way to get credits is to invite your friends. If you enjoy playing IMVU as much as our team of authors do, then your friends will enjoy it too. Why not invite them to play to make the game more fun while being rewarded with credits. Did we mention that you can also get cool gift rewards by inviting your friends as well!

Earning Credits On IMVU

Well, those are some of the ways in which you can earn credits on IMVU and trust me they all work. Our team of authors here at IMVU Secrets have been using these methods for years to get over 1,0000,000 free credits. Of course, this isn’t going to happen over night so think of it as a long term goal for you. How many credits do you want 1 month from now, how about 3 months or 1 year? If you set goals it makes it easier for you to achieve them. We set a goal for 1,000,000 credits in a year and actually surpassed that by quite a bit and you can too. With that many credits you can buy just about anything on IMVU.

If you have any questions about the methods we provided you with please feel free to reach out to IMVU Secrets through our website. One of our authors will help you out. After all, we have all been playing this game for more than 6 years each so we have seen just about everything. You can also check out our IMVU Free Credits page here for even more tips on how to earn free credits on IMVU.