What Are IMVU Credits

If you are new to IMVU then you may not know what IMVU credits are but you need to learn quickly or you won’t get anywhere in the game.  Credits are the main currency on IMVU. While playing the game, you can use credits to purchase a variety of items. Use your credits to buy things from the IMVU Virtual Goods Catalog, buy your favorite music from the Music Store or to purchase badges and shout outs. Basically, if you don’t have money on IMVU then your character will be homeless so it is important to have credits.

How To Get IMVU Credits

If you don’t have any credits, don’t worry because there are several different ways to get them. First, you can purchase credits with real money which is the most popular way with IMVU players today. You can buy 15,000 IMVU credits for just $14.99 and you can buy up to 300,000 credits at a time. Many websites claim to have credits for sale, but the most secure way is to visit the IMVU Credit Store and purchase them through the IMVU website.

imvu credits

The third option you have in obtaining credits is buy prepaid cards. You can get prepaid IMVU cards at your local store. Many of these cards have special deals so you can actually save a little bit of money. The last legit option you have is by getting credits from another player. Yes, you can actually give credits to other players, so maybe if your nice you can get some! Notice, I said the last legit way to get credits is by getting them from another player. That means there is one more possible way and that is by downloading an IMVU credit generator. Now, as we have mentioned many people claim to have working credit generators but you need to be careful because many of these are fake. Check out our “Credits Generator” page for more information before you go downloading stuff.

How To Get Free IMVU Credits

Yes, there is a way to get free IMVU credits so you don’t have to spend any of your hard earned money. How awesome is that! I am a huge believer of trying to get things free so I want to make sure I pass this on to all of you new players. Not many players know this, but you can get free IMVU credits by completing surveys, watching videos and participating in different offers. Check out our “How To Get Free IMVU Credits” page for more information on getting free credits and how to access this stuff.

Do I Need IMVU Credits

I guess you don’t need credits while playing IMVU but how much fun would you really have. Think about it this way. Do I need money in the real life? I guess you don’t need money but you can consider yourself homeless or if you have very little money you won’t be able to do anything.

Well guys and girls, this is pretty much everything you need to know about IMVU Credits. Now that you know what they are, and how to get them you can start to have a fun and happy IMVU life. If you want, you can try the IMVU credits generator here.

Well, this should get you started on getting and using credits while playing the game. If you are new to the game then you probably want to get credits and spend them on cool items so people don’t think your a noob. If you guys have any questions regarding credits for IMVU please contact us today and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. Make sure to like our Facebook page for a chance to win a FREE Prepaid IMVU Card that has credits on them. Throughout the year we will be giving away these cards to our social media followers.