IMVU Cheats You Need To Try

This page includes some of the best IMVU cheats that players like yourselves have found. We are so thankful for the IMVU community for providing us with these cheats for other players to use.

Currently there are around 9 working cheats that offer different things such as free money, clothing items, house items and much more.

As we mentioned, these IMVU cheats were added from other players like you so we can’t 100% guarantee that they will work for you; however, we do know they worked in the past. We hope you enjoy using these and please let us know if you have any other working cheats that we should add.

IMVU Cheats That Work

  1. The first cheat we wanted to provide is an IMVU Money Cheat. This cheat called money, is said to be worth a whopping 100,000 in IMVU!
  2. The second cheat that we were just told about is another IMVU Money Cheat. This one isn’t as big but it’s still worth entering in. This should deliver you 1,000 credits to your account.
  3. This next cheat was sent to us by KidJohn and it gives players another 1,000 free credits. So again, this is another money cheat to use.
  4. The fourth code came in from a player that goes by the name LovlieLadda. This cheat doesn’t really give you anything but it is pretty amusing. So what does it do? This cheat will make your avatar naked. Enter PeerReview?pid=75982 64
  5. Another fun cheat to do are VIP actions with your avatar even if you don’t have a VIP membership. If you want to do a certain VIP action like play the guitar, then choose an action but don’t click on it. Next enter the action (Exp. airGuitar) and press enter. If done right, your avatar will perform this action.

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